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Endling: The last living member of a given species.

Humanity is near this brink. A contagion has wiped out much of the animal life on this planet a mere two decades ago, turning its survivors into horrible monsters that are colloquially referred to as "Demons", although that is not their true nature.

Endling is a survival horror based tabletop roleplaying game where you attempt to survive in a ruined world, where much of the human race has been wiped out, and the human civilization has been reduced to enclaves that are few and far between. All this game needs to be played are three six sided dice, three or more players, some paper, pencils, and a game master willing to run it. The game is currently in an extremely early playtest form, although I do believe that it is playable in its current state.

Updates regarding the game may be found here. https://goalonegames.tumblr.com/tagged/endling

The Contagion is here. Will you survive it?

Install instructions

Download the pdf file and open it in your preferred pdf reader. Adobe Reader is a common one.


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